The right sauce for the right pasta

Do you feel like penne rigate tonight? Don't make the sauce too smooth. In Italy, the various regions traditionally have their own shape of pasta. With a sauce which suits it best. There is little chance of an Italian being tempted to serve the combination of penne rigate with Bolognese.

So what works well with a Bolognese? How do you know what type of pasta requires what sauce, or vice versa, which sauce is for which pasta? It's all simple when you know how. Sturdy pasta shapes naturally work well with sturdy sauces. Fusilli and Farfalle, the sturdy pastas, are best eaten with Bolognese or Piccante, the sturdy sauces. A creamy Funghi Porcini or Carbonara sauce is more suited to an egg pasta. Tagliatelle, for example.

And if you like the hollow ones, such as Penne or Pipe, opt for a sauce with chunks of meat or vegetables. An elegant spaghetti, as you can guess by now, is best served with an elegant sauce. These include Pesto, Pomodorini Mozzarella or Pomodorini Basilico sauce.