How to fill a long spring evening, Italian style

Are you looking for a new way to fill a long spring evening? If you're fed up with sitting at terraced cafes for the time being, and too lazy for the gym, why not transform your evening into a true Italian one? Celebrate La dolce vita, the good life.

Italians not only love to come together to eat with a large group of friends, but especially to spend hours at the table afterwards. So make a dish which won't keep you in the kitchen too long, to make more time after dinner. Spaghetti al limone, spaghetti with creamy lemon sauce, looks and tastes exclusive, and is quick to prepare.

Start the long post-meal evening with a real Italian digestivo: grappa. A caffè coretto is typically Italian, an espresso with grappa. If you don't like it straight, the alcohol percentage is 35% to 60% after all, add a little grappa to your last swig of espresso. Throw it back in one go. Salute!