Every day pure Italian

About Grand''Italia

For many years, Grand''Italia has been the quality Italian brand, with which you can serve delicious pasta dishes, quickly and conveniently. The range includes a wide diversity of pastas, pasta sauces, risotto, antipasti and soups (Zuppa), made in Italy.
The traditional Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and the use of pure ingredients with which the most delicious sauces and (pasta) dishes are created. Grand''Italia gives a modern twist to this authentic cuisine with inspiring recipes and regular new product introductions. And so you can enjoy the pure Italian flavour but with a new touch, every day.

Grand’Italia is a brand of Gallina Blanca Star and available in several counties in Europe.

About Gallina Blanca Star

Star is a family-owned company established in 1948 in Italy. Nowadays it is one of the most important Italian food companies, with clear market leadership in most of its product categories. Star is present in categories like bouillons and flavouring enhancers, tomato derivatives and pasta sauces, tea’s, canned tuna and mixed seeds oils. The strength and credibility of Star have been shaped across the years, through the constant quest of both high quality and continuously improved consumer care.

Gallina Blanca is a Spanish company established in 1937. It started by making concentrated bouillon cubes. The product was successful, among others by the innovative idea to create a brand and promote it by investing in marketing. The growth of the company was unstoppable and new products appeared, the most famous ones being Gallina Blanca soups. Because of the success, Gallina Blanca decided to start promoting their products abroad, adapting them to the traditions and tastes of each country, as well as to the ever-changing eating habits. But always using the basic ingredients that made them so famous. From the time the company started selling its products abroad in 1979 to this day, its logo is well known in over 50 countries in four continents, where it is a leading company in culinary products.

Looking at their similar background, in March 2007, Gallina Blanca and Star decided to make a unique company: Gallina Blanca Star. One company with a great history and experience, serving high quality food products to consumers all over the world.